What Courses to do after HSC 12th Science? Career, Salary & Job Opportunities


12th Std is one of the crucial turning points in a student’s life. What step you take lays the ground for your future. And hence it is of utmost importance to give proper consideration before taking the leap. After the completion of Std. 12th the next worry which students face often is the dilemma of which stream to pursue and which college to opt for.

Follow Passion or Success?

Often students find themselves in a lurch as in whether to follow their passion or think of building a career of parent’s choice. As per statistics, most students switch their fields post std. 12th and go on to pursue the streams they have found a pull towards. Science is one such stream that gives the leeway for candidates to switch into a non-science program after their board examination, a drawback not enjoyed by Arts and Commerce students.

This opens them to a plethora of lucrative opportunities to pursue after 12th Std Science thereby shaping their career in a lucid manner.

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Starting with 12th Std Science, it lays across a myriad of opportunities for Science students. While the list is unending, herein we have enlisted top 7 courses that are the most chosen and popular ones taken up by students after the completion of the 12th Science program which are as follows:

1. Engineering

Inspired by 3 Idiots and Chetan Bhagat Novels, there are numerous students who take up engineering after 12th. Well, jokes apart, in reality, the field of engineering lays across a plethora of opportunities. The stream provisions students in pursuing niche fields too including:

  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Plastic Engineering
  • Power Engineering

Career – The duration of the program is 4 years. Students who have qualified their Engineering successfully can go on to pursue Masters in the niche Engineering fields both in India as well as Abroad. Qualified engineers can work in the capacities of engineers, project managers, and much more.

Salary – The average starting salary ranges between INR 3 to 20 lacs per annum.

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2. Medicine

The next best stop for 12th Std Science students in the field of Medicine which is opted by many. The duration of the course is 5 years with 6 months of compulsory internship after the completion of the program. During the course of the program, students are extensively covered about the intricacies involved in the field of health and medicine.

Students can gain employment in some of the top hospitals wherein they are hired in the capacities of Surgeon, Medical Doctor, Physician, and Medical Officer, etc.

Under the field of medicine, students can choose from a varied field such as:

BUMS – Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery

B.PT – Bachelor of Physiotherapy

BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Yoga, Naturopathy and Siddha Medicine

Career Options – Graduates can start with their own clinic, become specialists, or go about pursuing their MS in the field of specialization from India as well as abroad.

Salary – The average starting salary ranges between INR 3 to 20 lacs per annum.

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3. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Bachelor of Science is the most opted and chosen undergraduate program by students after the completion of 12th standard. The duration of the program is 3 years. This is one of the beneficial courses for those who wish to pursue multi or inter-disciplinary careers in science. Some of the popular fields in B.Sc. include Nursing, Information Technology, Animation, Hospitality, Animation, Computer Science, and much more.

Career Options – After the completion of the program, students can either go on to pursue Master’s degree or go on to seek employment in the capacities of Market Research Analyst, Quality Control Manager, Scientific Assistant, Quality Control Manager, etc.

Salary – The average salary ranges from 1.50 to 11 lacs per annum.

4. Merchant Navy

Candidates who have a certain inclination towards defense are rendered an amazing opportunity by the Indian Maritime University for facilitating maritime studies. If you are interested in joining the Merchant Navy, students can do so by pursuing B.Sc. in Nautical Sciences. There are also other courses like B.Tech in Marine Engineering, B.Sc. in Marine Science, etc.

Candidates must clear their IMU-CET entrance for gaining entry to the program.

Career Option – Join Merchant Navy as Engineers, captains, etc.

Salary – The average salary ranges between 2 lakhs to 36 lakhs per annum

5. Mass Media

As said in the beginning, science students have the advantage over Non-science students who can later pursue courses which is not related to the science stream. If you are interested in making your mark in the media industry and have a certain inclination towards writing, advertising or journalism, then pursuing Bachelor of Mass Media is the perfect course for you.

Career options – After the successful completion of Mass Media, students can go about seeking employment in the sectors of Advertising, Journalism, Reporting, Writing and much more.

Salary – The average salary ranges from 2 lacs to 10 lacs per annum

6. Ethical Hacking

If you are intrigued by the field of Ethical Hacking, you can go on become a certified hacker that can be pursued after 12th Science. There is no preliminary entrance or qualification required all you need is an in-depth knowledge of programming and operating systems.

Career Options – Be hired by top companies in the position of Ethical Hackers.

Salary – Average salary ranges from INR 3 Lacs to 12 Lacs per annum.

7. Food and Agricultural Science

Students of 12th science as said have a myriad of opportunity in the field of Dairy Technology, Horticulture, Dairy Technology, Biotechnology, Agronomy, Nutrition, etc. The duration of the courses ranges for 3 years.

Career Options – Students after the completion of the program can go about pursuing jobs in the field of Nutrition, Dairy Technology, etc in the position of Project Managers, Marketing and other such.

Salary – The Average salary ranges between INR 3 lacs to 11 lacs per annum.

Whether you opt for a field which is chosen by your parents or the ones where your passion and inclination lies, ensure to give your 100%. Success and Failure depends a lot on how much hard work you put in and what you seek out of it. So just decide, aim and set your mind towards your goal for a glorious career ahead.

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