What are the Entrance Exams for Engineering after HSC?


Engineering remains a favorite career in India for several reasons. For one, a lot of prestige goes along with an engineering degree. And an engineering degree opens up avenues to high paying jobs in India and abroad. Furthermore, graduating as an engineer is proof of sorts of your mental abilities and intelligence.

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As a result, nearly 1.5 million students graduate as engineers in various fields from some 4.382 colleges every year. Sounds like good news for a booming economy like India.

Here’s Bad News

But this is where the dream run stops. Over 80 percent of engineering graduates in India remain unemployed. Or are forced to take jobs that don’t pay well.

Why does this occur? Due to the skills gap. Meaning, they lack skills that an employer would expect from an engineering graduate.

That’s because they enroll and study at engineering colleges and universities of dubious repute. Of the 4,382 engineering colleges spread across India, some are mere ‘degree-granting portals,’ as a former Vice President of India had said.

Avoiding this Trap

Let’s consider you’re genuinely interested in pursuing engineering as a career. What would you do? Naturally, the first step is to appear for an entrance exam that ensures admissions to any of the topmost engineering colleges and universities of India. This helps you avoid the trap set by dubious engineering colleges and universities to lure you into admissions while paying exorbitant fees.

Obviously, you’ll wish to know which are the best entrance exam for engineering studies after completion of your Higher Secondary Certificate and equivalent. Here’s our curated list of best entrance exams for engineering after HSC.

Best Entrance Exams for Engineering

Unlike foreign countries, there are different entrance exams for engineering after HSC in India. Here we look at exams that would more or less guarantee your admission to any of the topmost engineering colleges of India and make an excellent career.

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Jawaharlal Nehru University Engineering Entrance Exam

Also known as JNUEEE, this is one of the toughest entrance exams for engineering after HSC. Because it’s the only exam that can secure you a seat at the College of Military Engineering, Pune. CME Is renowned as one of the best military engineering institutes worldwide.

CME is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University and has academic collaboration with Indian Army Corps of Engineers. It is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

The entrance exam and other requirements to qualify for a seat at CME are very tough. Other than a written and oral exam, you’ll also have to pass tests for physical endurance and mental alertness.

That’s because military engineers may have to provide services in war zones and during natural calamities. Military engineers learn everything from building toilets to repairing combat aircraft, defusing bombs to handling weapons.

CME offers four-year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degrees in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

Joint Entrance Exam- Main

You’ll surely know that Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is among the premier engineering colleges in India for civilians. To study engineering at IIT, you’ll have to pass the JEE-Main with flying colors.

Additionally, JEE-Main is also the entrance exam for engineering after HSC if you wish to study at any of the National Institutes of Technology that are operated by the Indian government and rank among premier engineering colleges of India.

JEE- Advanced

JEE-Advanced is a tougher version of the above JEE-Main. You can appear for JEE-Advanced after HSC too. This entrance exam for engineering can get you admissions to Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Science Education & Research. These are highly prestigious engineering colleges in India.

With cracking a good score in JEE-Advanced also offers an opportunity to do a B.Tech course from Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology that functions directly under Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

There is also an opportunity for scholarships for B.Tech engineering students.


Another superb engineering college in India is the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) that has three campuses- Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. To qualify for studies at BITS, you’ll have to appear for the BIT Science Aptitude Test or BITSAT.

This is an online test that you’ll have to pass with a superb score, as there are ample of opportunities in an engineering career. That’s because BITS students graduate with all skills that are expected from an engineer. Usually, BITS graduates also get job offers before and during convocation.

Common Entrance Test (CET)

Common Entrance Tests (CETs) are essential for any student after HSC, if they wish to join a highly reputed engineering college or university that functions under a state or Union Territory government in India.

It is a highly competitive exam, organized by Technical Education Boards of various state governments. Therefore, you’ll find some difference in CET exams conducted by various states, though the basics are similar.

Nowadays, some private engineering colleges also accept CET scores informally to grant admissions to their engineering courses.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Want to study engineering in the US or another foreign country? In every probability, you’ll have to appear for Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT after HSC. Nowadays, lots of engineering colleges in India also accept SAT scores to grant admissions to their courses.

However, this is an exception and not a rule among Indian engineering colleges. While SAT does enable you to get admissions to undergraduate engineering courses in the US and elsewhere, it’s an extremely competitive and tough exam to crack. 

Furthermore, foreign engineering colleges may ask you to undergo more than one entrance exam including SAT after HSC.

Selecting Engineering Entrance Exams

The above six exams can land you admissions to highly respected engineering colleges and universities in India. Hence, they’re tough when compared over those administered by certain private engineering colleges with dubious credentials that issue useless degrees. Hence, select any of these best engineering exams. There are others too that are operated independently by some very reputed engineering colleges. However, they are college or university-specific.

Before rushing to apply for an entrance exam, ensure that your engineering college accepts its scores. Usually, SAT tests are acceptable by some excellent engineering institutes since it complies with international standards.

In Conclusion

Studying engineering requires skills and aptitude. Hence, these six exams are tough. Appearing for them and passing with high scores prepares you for an excellent career in engineering. So for that, you have to be fully prepared with this also need to do revision on a daily basis.

And all these entrance exams for engineering are open for you after completion of HSC or its equivalent. An entrance exam can open doors to a wonderful course and a lucrative career.

Hence, select the right ones from the above list. If in doubt, always check with the engineering college about entrance exams they accept.

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