Things to keep in mind before preparing for HSC Board Examination!


Examinations are always a time of stress. The quest rank ahead in the exam and score good is the dream of every student. Candidates are often obscured about what notes to refer, how to begin the preparation process, what timetable to follow? While there whole year left for students to begin their preparation, the sooner it is started the better it is. Here are top strategies which can aid you to ace your dream of success in HSC.

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Gain an idea of your syllabus

So to begin with, you must primarily gain a sneak peek of the entire syllabus before you actually begin to work on them. Go through the syllabus and note down what are the topics which would be essential for your exam. Furthermore, bifurcate the syllabus based on their weightage. Making a chart comprising of difficult and easy topics is much better.

It is necessary to be well abreast with the syllabus and practice it at least once before the examination begins. Starting primarily you must lay more focus on chapters enlisted in the textbook. A textbook is the very heart of knowledge. Reading it once before moving on with the preparation can be extremely fruitful.

Furthermore, go on to practice from reference guides which can render a deeper understanding of the topic. As per experts, beginning with topics which have more weightage which will help cover the syllabus in an effective manner.

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Bifurcate the syllabus based on your weak and strong subjects

Dividing the syllabus on the basis of hard and easy subjects can sort a lot of your trouble. This allows one to know which subjects they are weak at and how can they improve their skills by concentrating on enhancing your understanding of the subjects and thereby strengthen your weaker subjects in advance.

Set strategy for each topic

Strategize on how much time you would be allocated for each individual topic. This includes all those subjects which you find easy as well as those you find difficult. This will not only help in organizing the learning of subjects and go about in an organized manner.

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Solve previous year papers

Previous year papers are a gold mine when preparing for the board examination. This can help in gaining a deeper insight into what kind of questions are asked in the paper. Additionally, you can know exactly what is asked in the previous year papers and how the questions are asked. Solving as many papers as possible helps in gaining a stronger foothold of the subject.

Group Study

While it doesn’t work always, group study is a lucrative way of learning. When you study your group, you tend to guide each other on topics which are not understood. Often friends aid in clearing doubts and tutoring you much better. Also, as students, one may not be comfortable in asking teachers regarding the doubts, the same can be cleared during group study.

They are especially fruitful if you are solving mathematics problems. Differentiation, integration, trigonometry are some of the topics that need immense guidance. Solving along with your friends can aid you in gaining a stronger understanding and thereby build competitiveness in students.

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Practicing Diagrams and Solved Examples

As per studies, learning by referring to diagrams, makes the process of learning easier. If you are a science student, then diagrams would play an important role in learning. Draw each diagrams and learn the answers. The same is applicable for solving sums too, wherein solving solved examples will make simplify the learning process.

Solve one topic a day

After completing every topic, before moving to the next ensure to assess your preparation by testing your understanding. Give yourself test so and correct by oneself. This will make you understand how well are you prepared as well as in this manner you can complete your entire syllabus soon.

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Sleep and eat better

While learning strategies do play an important role in making one gain good scores in exam, sleep and eating well also are equally necessary. Without proper sleep and diet, it will be difficult to retain what you have studied. Hence, ensure you get full 8 hours of sleep, and eat a diet comprising of nuts, fruits, proteins, and carbs. Do not keep yourself hungry or diet.

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