Self-Study for 12th Standard Science Board Exam 2020 – Planning, Tips, Time-Table, Books


Importance of 12th Standard Science Board Exam 2020

Every year the 12th standard HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examination takes place around February-March. It is already time for the next batch to gear up with smart preparation tips and planning. There will be a lot of things whirling in the mind like what are the best HSC 2020 books to refer to, how to make 12th standard science board exam preparation efficient and smart and so forth. Before digging into the technical and informative aspects, let us get an insight into the importance of this examination.

The 12th science board examination is an important milestone in the life of a student. The career of a student actually depends almost entirely on the marks that he/she is able to fetch in the 12th board HSC exam.  The percentage of marks achieved in Standard 12th board result is not only instrumental in getting a desirable stream for higher studies but choosing a suitable career or profession after the studies as well. Therefore, it is recommended to take the 12th board examination seriously.

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Maharashtra HSC Exam 2020

The Higher Secondary Examination in the state of Maharashtra is conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or MSBSHSE. The scheduled timetable and exam dates for HSC or Class 12th Board examination 2020 will be duly announced on their official website. The due exam dates for all the three streams of studies – Science, Arts as well as Commerce are provided by MSBSHSE.  In this blog, we will share with you all sorts of necessary information related to Maharashtra HSC examination 2020, with a special focus on the students belonging to the Science stream.

HSC 2020 Exam Planner for Science Stream

It is very essential to keep in mind that the 12th standard exams are a crucial juncture in a student’s life. Therefore, one should not come under pressure before appearing for the examination. This statement is equally applicable to both students and their parents.  It is compulsory for the 12th board students to stay calm and maintain a positive spirit. It is also essential to keep the mind fresh and away from unnecessary worries.

Parents should support their children completely in such an important phase in their children’s life. Having faith in their children is also an important factor before such a major examination. The last day before the exam should be kept only for relaxing and going through the important areas of the syllabus. Taking proper rest on the night before the examination boosts the confidence of the students to a great extent.

Tips for HSC Exam 2020

Planning and preparing for 12th standard board exams beforehand is very crucial. One has to maintain a proper routine throughout the year to gain organic result in the board examination. Generally, in these days the stress level of the students goes higher. But there are few ways which can help a student to deal with the stress and also to bring out the best during the examination.

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Below given are few tricks and tips that can be followed before appearing for the HSC examination 2020

  1. Self-study and self-learning are very important in this phase before the exam.
  2. Make a proper plan or routine for 12th Science exam and set time separately for each subject to be concentrated on. Study accordingly.
  3. Concentrate more on the weaker subjects and prepare special notes on them which can make those subjects easily understandable.
  4. Revise the important aspects of each chapter after the completion of a topic.
  5. Make sure to not start a new chapter or topic just before a few days of the exam.
  6. Take proper rest and relax. This will help in concentrating on your studies properly.  
  7. Take a break of 5-10minutes after every hour of studying. Make sure that you do not stretch yourself too much.
  8. Follow a proper diet and make sure that you do not skip any meal during the days of your exam preparation. Also, drink enough amount of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  9. Dedicate some days of the week in practicing the answers that you have already prepared (including maths). Write them down, while practicing. This helps in improving the speed of writing.
  10. Try to solve test papers and mock sets of questions before appearing for the final examination. This will help you know how much more preparation is needed from your side.
  11. Jot down the most important formulas on a piece of paper and keep revising them time and again.
  12. Focus on the important diagrams, graphs and figures and make sure you don’t miss any of them.
  13. If you have any queries, make sure you clear your doubts before appearing for the examination. Ask your parents, teacher or friends for help, if and when needed.

Some Popular Books for HSC 2020 Preparation

For the detailed list of books to read which can help you in achieving desirable results in 12th standard science board examination 2020, you can visit the Target Publications

We hope the above information and tips were helpful for you. The sudden curiosity and anxiety before the board exams are completely organic and there is no reason to worry about these things. You can do your SWOT analysis. Be well versed with the subjects that are your strength and pay extra attention to the weaker ones. Don’t skip a single day for preparation. Make a proper schedule and follow a healthy routine. Your efforts in the right direction and the right Std. 12th books that you choose for HSC Science Board Preparation can be the key to your success.

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