Are you tensed for cracking the board examinations?
It's easier than you think.

'Quitters never win and winners never quit.'
Various platforms await to divert your attention. But, you need to conquer over.

Every student learns. But the top scorers also minutely study the tips which others don't pay attention to. I will show you how in the below mentioned points.

Apart from studying thoroughly for the entire year and mastering your presentation skills, here are  a few  points that students should adhere to before appearing for their Board Examination:

  • Report at your examination centre well in advance. ( 30-45 mins before exam time)
    Many centre's do not admit students once the time runs out. In such cases, you may also miss an exam. Sometimes, traffic congestion may also block your way. However, you land in a safe zone by reporting well in advance.

  • Check the examination timetable carefully.
    Once, a student had overlooked the subject 'Geometry' as 'Geography' and he studied for 'Geography' instead of 'Geometry.'

    Alas! he realized it when the question paper was distributed. So, do not forget to check your timetable carefully.

  • Keep your hall-ticket handy.
    Students are only allowed to enter the examination hall after their hall-tickets are checked.

  • Do Not laminate the hall-ticket. Place it in a hall-ticket cover.
    The invigilator signs behind the hall ticket on every examination day. If you laminate it, the authorities will ask you to tear the lamination which may result in tearing off the hall-ticket itself.

  • Photocopy of the hall-ticket is Not allowed.
    Last year the examinee sitting right before me had unknowingly brought the photo-copy of the hall-ticket instead of the original one. The authorities sent her back home to fetch the original one. She wasted her time to notice that she had received the answer-sheet 10mins late.

  • Contact your school authorities in case the hall-ticket is lost.
    The school authorities will complete the procedure and you will be submitted a new hall-ticket.

  • Objects that you cannot carry:
    • Electronic watch
    • Calculator
    • Pager
    • Mobile
    • Any other electronic gadget

If these objects are found near the examinee, he/she will be taken into consideration and may not be allowed to write further exams.

  • Students can carry only a transparent writing pad and a transparent pouch.
    The authorities check this on every examination day. If they find a designed writing pad or pouch, it is confiscated.

  • Answer sheet will be provided 20 minutes before the examination. Check all the pages.
    Check all the pages. Many students forget to check the pages. If the pages are stuck or stapled together, the answer-sheet can be considered false and may not be checked.

  • Use of stapler and ink whitener is not allowed.

  • Question paper will be provided 10 minutes before the exam time. Read it thoroughly.
    Read it thoroughly. You might have overlooked a question at first glance. You may rectify it before penning down the answer.

  • Select questions which you are confident of.
    The perfect board papers contain to-the-point answers. Some students try solving the paper with options. But the speciality about toppers is that they spend this time in checking their answers. This helps them to rectify their mistake. According to the research conducted, checking your answers helps you increase 1 %.

    Yes! I am not talking about 1 or 2 marks. It's a percent.

  • Ask only the invigilator in case of a doubt.
    A student was once caught talking with his class-mate in the examination hall. He justified that he had a doubt. However, such reasons are not considered and the examinee would be punished.

  • Always be alert.
    Constantly check your time. Your answer-sheet will be snatched once the time runs out. So always stay alert. Time management is very important.