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Our country has seen a great amount of development in the past few decades. We have grown by leaps and bounds to create an international identity of our own on the global map. Many companies with their headquarters set in developed countries look at us as a great ground to market their products. Additionally, these companies also offer golden opportunities for impressive salary, employment, and security. Majority of Indians nurture a dream of working with a foreign company that pays them well, provides them with great technological services, comfort and the chance to become an expert in their fields. However, the path to such a job is only through the road of excellent educational credentials.

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Students, who would, later on, turn into potential candidates for such jobs, need to fulfill a certain number of criteria. They must graduate from a recognized institute, possess excellent grades and boast of an extraordinary set of skills. Ideally, this would not be a far-fetched reality to achieve. However, with the current state of education in the country, the possibility of gaining value enriched knowledge remains a pipe-dream for many. Coaching classes were introduced to bridge the gap between quality knowledge and mandatory education. Although they have witnessed a great amount of growth and popularity, there are a lot of areas where these classes need to improve.

Why are traditional coaching classes rapidly becoming unpopular?

Students entering HSC and SSC board exam years generally look at coaching classes as a way to double their chances of an excellent score. Additional notes to their HSC and SSC Maharashtra board books, multiple practice tests and an extra set of teachers are some of the highlighted benefits that traditional coaching classes offer. That being said, there are a number of areas where these classes are unable to prove their mettle.

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1.    They mirror schools

The main reason that encourages students to opt for a coaching class, is the facility or a personalized and focussed education. Classes at school have quite an imbalance when it comes to the number of students that one teacher has the responsibility to teach. This problem is tackled in coaching classes with smaller classes. This may have been the case in the past, but today with more and more students joining coaching classes, they have become quite the extension of a school classroom. This hampers the ability of a teacher in a coaching class to provide any student with personal attention.

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2.    They become vehicles of repetition

Herein, let’s take an example of a day in the life of an SSC board student. He attends a school where he is taught out of SSC Maharashtra board books and given important questions from SSC Maharashtra board question papers to practice. As the number of students is on the higher side, only those doubts that are common to many students are addressed. This is the exact same situation that takes place in a coaching class. The reason for this – The number of students remains unchanged in both areas. Thereby, we can infer that students are taught the same exact thing twice, in the same manner without any additional or unique methods of teaching. Wherein a student expects a more personalized learning experience, he is handed with a repetition of the lectures he dreads to attend school.

3.    They take up both money and time

As an HSC board student studying commerce, you have a few mandatory boxes to tick off. First of these is acquiring 12th commerce notes, followed by HSC Maharashtra board question papers and finally finding the right mentor to help you sail through the year. The first two things every student is able to manage on their own, but the latter part becomes a big question. Herein, enter the coaching classes who make tall promises to you in exchange for exorbitant rates. Thus, to justify their expensiveness, these classes conduct long lectures where students end up staying in class for hours on end. Herein, parents increasingly find themselves under the financial burden of these coaching classes. While on the other hand, students are unable to manage their time and end up not being able to perform as well as they expected.

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Emergence of E-learning

Traditional coaching classes have begun to lose popularity among students and parents alike owing to the above reasons. Furthermore, they are rapidly being replaced by alternative learning methods to crack exams such as HSC and SSC boards. Also, E-learning has become quite a major component of alternative learning for Std. 10th and 12th students who wish to score exemplary marks. Essentially, e learning involves all the reference material that students can access online. This includes video lectures, online mock tests, access to SSC Maharashtra Board question papers, HSC Maharashtra board question papers and most importantly, reference material that complements both HSC and SSC Maharashtra board books.

Here are a few ways that students can be benefited from e-learning:

1.    All source material is uploaded online, thereby allowing students to access it at any time of the day or night

2.    Students can view video lectures from the comfort of their homes. This helps them get an edge while studying from their SSC Maharashtra board books

3.    Guidance is one key feature of learning that many students are unable to find. With e-learning, this becomes possible as students can always reach out to teachers with their personal doubts and get them efficiently cleared.

4.    Furthermore, it is a great way to lighten the load on their parent’s pockets as e-learning is essentially less costly than traditional coaching classes

5.   Thus, students get the freedom to manage their time in a better manner and they get to become responsible for their academic progress.

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We at Target Publications are great advocates of alternative learning methods and time and again encourage students to opt for the same. Hereby, books offer a holistic value-based approach of learning to all students. In addition to our exceptional series of reference material, we also have a YouTube channel where our subject matter experts publish videos to boost the conceptual clarity of SSC and HSC board students.

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Join us in our journey of making education and learning a cherished experience that results in remarkable results for furthering your ambitions. Wish you all the best!

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