How Important are Diagrams in 12th HSC Board Exams?


So you have been rote learning for your HSC Boards! All this while, you have been told to focus on notes. Probably you have relegated other aspects of the preparations such as diagrams and illustrations to the background. As Science and Commerce students, you are required to study and draw diagrams, flowcharts and other illustrations. Well, you are not to blame!! That is the way you have known preparations are to be done for exams.

But do you know that focusing on notes alone may not be the right approach to preparing? In fact, Science and Commerce students have an upper hand when it comes to scoring additional marks. The importance of a diagram in exams cannot be understated. While they are often not seen as important as text, diagrams hold considerable significance. They carry considerable weightage too. Answers accompanied by visually-appealing and precise diagrams enable the student to score better. While enhancing the paper presentation, it also conveys to the examiner that you are thorough with the subject. Drawing a diagram is also a wise option when you are running short of time. Hence, practising diagrams becomes extremely important for subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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The same is true of tables and graphs too. Hence, it is advisable to never ignore diagrams, tables or graphs, as questions can be asked from any chapter. However, there are some points that a student must bear in mind when drawing table, diagram, or any illustration.

  • In subjects such as Biology, there is an unsaid rule that an answer should always be accompanied by a diagram. However, decide to make a diagram based on the time available.
  • Draw precise yet bold diagrams. Gauge the size of the available space.
  • Leave margins for labelling.
  • Label the diagram neatly with a pencil or ball-point pen.
  • Indicate the labelling on one side only.
  • Give appropriate legends for statistical diagrams.
  • Use good quality stationery.

To aid you in your preparation for HSC Boards (Science) is Target Publications’, ‘Perfect’ series for PCM, PCB and PCMB. Also, Perfect Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry as individual books are available. Similar books are available in the ‘Precise’ series. You also get Physics Numerical and Physics Practical Handbook to aid with the numerical aspect and the practical applications of Physics respectively.

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After your studying, you can practice questions from ‘Std XII Science Model Question Papers with Solutions’. The book is a compilation of four papers each from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. These question papers reflect the changes in syllabus and paper pattern as per the Board of Higher Secondary Education. The solutions are accompanied by marks to ensure students understand the importance of each question. Please note, that although question papers of 2016, 2017 and 2018 follow the old paper pattern, they have been included here. This will familiarise students with the framework of board questions and their solutions. They will then be prepared to field questions as per the new paper pattern.

Another product offering is, ‘Board Questions’, a compilation of six years’ question papers of Board of Higher Secondary Education. With this product, the student gets quick access to all the Board questions and is an ideal last-minute preparation guide to help you assess your level of preparation.        

You may also be interested in ‘Mathematics Practice Problems’ which is an excellent repository of questions to aid revision. Final answers help students get acquainted with the types of questions the Board may ask.

Not just in Science, but even in the Commerce stream, drawing neat and tidy diagrams, flowcharts and graphs are of paramount importance. This is especially true for subjects such as Economics and Statistics.

Target Publications’ ‘Smart Notes‘ and ‘Perfect Notes‘ series which comprises of notes and question papers are every Commerce student’s resource for exam preparation. For the Marathi medium students, notes on Economics, Organisation of Commerce and Secretarial Practice are also available.

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