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Science is considered to be one of the toughest streams in HSC. Though it offers a plethora of opportunities for students in the future, acing it is no less than a herculean task. It needs immense practice, dedication and getting your hands on the right tools is what determines your success. These including proper revision, tutoring and solving previous year question papers for quick revision of the subject.

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination recently released their result on the 28th of May 2019. Over 15 lakhs students appeared for the exam this year. However, there are many students who are still not happy with the score secured in the examination. If you are among the students who were unable to secure a high score in the boards, Science papers and deem to give a second chance, then you have landed at the right spot. Read below to know why:

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The Class Improvement Scheme (CIS) introduced by the State education board renders a golden chance for students to reappear for the examination. While earlier, students could appear for the exam only in the month of October, they can now appear for the same twice a year in the month of July as well as March. Appearing for the exam, the candidates can render themselves a second chance to improve their score and thereby secure admission in top colleges and universities.

Here in this article, we have provided detailed information about the entire scheme, along with highlighting other aspects such as eligibility, procedure, and miscellaneous points. Check out below:

What is Class Improvement Exam?

The Class Improvement Exam (CIS)  is a novel concept roped in by state education board puts across an opportunity for students to reattempt the exam and try their luck. Herein, students who have already attempted their Class 12 examination in the month of March can reappear for the same in the month of July and then in February/ March in the succeeding year.

Candidates enrolling for the improvement exam must fulfil certain criteria as well as fill in the online application released by the MSBSHSE. After the exams, aspirants can consider retaining both the mark sheet or either of one based on where they have secured more marks.

How is Class Improvement Exam useful?

Nowadays, HSC is not limited to securing marks and admission to succeeding courses. It is an important criterion for securing eligibility for entrance examinations like NEET, JEE Main and MHT CET which are conducted after its completion. Here is where the examination proves to be of lucrative advantage to the candidates.

Procedure for enrolling to Class Improvement Exam

The application form for the CIS and HSC repeaters will be held in the month of July. The online application for the exam began from 03 June 2019 and will continue until 19 June 2019. The last date to apply for this is June 14 and with late fees payment is June 19, 2019. Here is a detailed procedure for its enrollment:

  • The applications have to be filled online which is available on two portals www.mahahsscboard.maharashtra.gov.in or on www.mahahsscboard 
  • Scroll below and you can find the section for Latest News section
  • Click on ‘Class Improvement Scheme HSC Maharashtra 2019’
  • Fill in the mentioned details and you are ready to appear for the exam either in July 2019 or March 2020.

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Miscellaneous Points

  • Candidates wanting to appear for the exam must appear for the exam in the ones held in the same year July and then in Feb/ March.
  • All students will only be given a chance for two attempts
  • On attempting the exam, the CIS remark will be mentioned on the mark sheets
  • Candidates must fill the online application within the stipulated date and make the payment of fees
  • On qualifying the exam, students can opt for either mark sheets in which they have scored better. However, they will have to return the other one back to the board.
  • Candidates will have to appear for all the papers and will not be given the option of appearing for only those subjects which they have scored less.

Tips to prepare for Re-Exam (CIS)

  • CIS is a second chance for students to prove their mantle and increase their chance of securing greater scores in the examination. After having already attempted for the exam, you will be quite abreast with the syllabus and the important questions. However, considering such less time for exams, it can be quite a task to start with the entire preparation all over again. And this is where previous year question papers prove to be the ultimate stop for fastening your preparation.
  • Solving as many papers as possible and getting an insight of previous year papers can make it easier for knowing which topics to lay more focus on and which to leave. So, choose the smart way out, revise and practice till you are completely abreast with preparation in entirety.

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    • Hello Advait,
      Yes, you can take admission for BSC using your older marks if you have scored above 60% in your HSC examination. However, in case it is lesser, you won’t be eligible for taking admission. If you have garnered more than 60% in your exam, then you can go on to take admission for BSC. But in the case, you have scored less than 60% then you can instead apply for the program after giving your class improvement exam.

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