Five Magic Tricks to Score High Marks in your 12th Std Science HSC Board Exam!


Board exams are a dreadful time for students. Especially for Std 12th science students, it’s a never-ending quest. It is not just limited to sitting for board exams but also about preparing for respective entrances. Many get stuck up in between and find it difficult to cope with the exam stress thereby adding to more stress in the bargain.

However, the sky is the limit for those who don’t give up easily. Fix this mantra in mind and find yourself continuously moving towards success without hindrance. One thing that is most searched during exam time is the magical ways to pass the boards with ease. We all search for shortcuts whether it is to reach our destination, success or even acing board exams. Though studying and preparation is no rocket science, there does exist tricks which can make the preparation a *hunky dory ride.

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So, here we thought to bring about and introduce five top magical tricks which can help you score high in your boards:

Disclaimer: The tricks added here is no work of fiction. If you wish to score well, you need to apply it in practice too. The magic formula doesn’t include moving of magic wand but to pick the weaponry called books and start studying.

1. Two in One

Most students take up science after their 10th on the pretext of joining streams related to it. It is the opening pass towards one’s engineering, architecture, and doctor’s dream. However, keeping this in purview and taking 12th lightly will only cost you later. The best way is to not consider boards and entrance different from one another but as shaft and boat.

Having said that the syllabus for 12th science and entrance are almost similar in addition to a few topics from Std 11th. So if you are well versed with your 11th and 12th syllabus, you have won half the battle. First, prepare well for your Std 11th and Std 12th without leaving any topics. If you are well abreast with the entire syllabus then it will not only help score during board exams but also aid smoothen the stress during the entrance.

2. Old is Gold

Past carries the secret to the future. The key is to find the perfect lock and unlock your doors to success. This falls true for board exams too. Previous year question papers are gold mines that aids in gaining high percentile. And thus, utilizing this treasure is the ultimate way of scoring a good percentage. Previous year question paper renders one a sneak peek into the paper pattern as well as acquaint to the format of questions asked. Herein you can know the top 3 things:

a.    The pattern of questions asked
b.    Which topics were given more weightage?
c.    How many times was any particular question/s repeated?
d.    How soon can you complete the paper during exams?

Once you have caught the pulse of the above questions, you will yourself find the stress related boards melting down to a great extent.

3. Bifurcate your topic

Long answers are somewhat magical. They can draw sleep into your eyes and fall you asleep. But they are necessary if you want to add a few extra marks to your kitty. So, here’s our magic formula or rather you can call it smart formula to make learning long answers easy. Each long answer has its roots in smaller ones. Thus, before jumping straight to brief answers, start with one line answers; fill in the blanks and short answers. Club them together, format it well and it will be easy to remember your long answer.

Another formula includes – bifurcating them under different headings. For example – Explain the functioning of the heart with a diagram. Herein, you can start with a brief explanation and later move on to explain each part of the heart in 3 to 4 lines. Reading them this way will aid retain the information and if you have understood the very core you can go on to write in your own words.

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4. Study using examples

The human mind is a crazy monkey. It will keep jumping from one branch to another until it finds something which can catch its curiosity. Similar manner, examples help make any topic interesting and attracting the attention of students. It helps one relate to the examples as it helps gain an emotional connection to it. And thus, if you wish to retain what you study better back it with examples. Because even if you forget the answer, the example will help you once again connect the loop and get your pen running on the paper.

5. Study early in the morning and revise just before going to bed

A lot of us find burning the night oil to be the best way for gaining high scores. However, that is only going to make you feel lethargic the next day morning. While drinking coffee and tea in between can help to shoo away your sleep, it will do no better for your studies. Coffee tends to release Cortisol viz. a stress hormone in the blood thereby kicking your energy levels high. This stress will later make you lethargic and deprived of sleep as well as the brain weaker to retain information.

You need to be healthy both mentally as well as physically to gain good scores in your exams. Thus, last but not least, our final magic trick is wake up early in the morning to learn and revise at night just before falling asleep.

Reason:  A night sleep clears your system off toxins. Thus, your brain is much equipped to take in information. Additionally, as people hardly wake up early these days, you can get some quiet time to study without any noise except the sweet chirping of birds. As per research, people tend to remember things which they have heard or seen before sleep. Hence, if you hear a horror story or watch snakes on TV before going to sleep you find them visiting your dream and remaining in your head even in the morning.

So, revise your answers in your mind, uttering them as prayers and have your prayer answer when you retain back all the information in the morning without forgetting.

Target publications understand the worry that lurks in the minds of students during boards. We have been thriving constantly to make the process of studying easy, fun and effective. Standard 12th science exam is a crucial point for science students who wish to make their career in the stream. It also lays the stepping ground to ace the entrance. Our collection of Std 12th science board exam presents a meticulously prepared tool kit comprising of compact and crisp study material, previous year board papers and video lectures to get all the doubts washed off.

Check out our website. It would be our pride to play a role in your preparation and transforming lives!

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