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The very mention of Mathematics is enough to send chills down the spine scaring students off the hook. Mathematics is a common subject both for Science as well as commerce students in HSC. And often it is this very subject that students are weak at and dread more. If aced, it can aid you to climb the ladder of success and if not understood can push one down to gallows of failure. Thus, the phobia for the subject remains constant throughout.

To begin with, you have a whole year at your disposal to kick start your preparation. However, a lot depends on how you use your time in the best of manner. After Std. 10th boards, HSC exam is one of the most crucial examinations in the life of a student that decides their career choice in the future. Often students are worried regarding the percentage they would score in the boards and whether they will be able to avail admission in their favourite college or not.

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So here we bring you some exam Tips and Planning tricks for acing your HSC Mathematics for Science Board Exam Preparation for 2020. Check out below the best study timetable that can ease your prep for 2020 board exam:

Plan Wisely

Knowledge is bliss. Hence being well acquainted with the exam pattern is a must. So, begin by taking an overview of the entire pattern including the topics and their weightage. Later on, go about preparing a schedule for your timetable. This must include the topics you would be covering each day.

Bifurcate Easy and Tough Topics

While Mathematics at a whole is tough, it does comprise of easy and difficult topics in balance. Bifurcating them in the start itself will render students a good understanding as to where they stand in the overall preparation. As per experts, students labelled Integration, Relations, Functions, and probability as some of the toughest topics. Whereas the list of easy topics includes Matrices, Vector, 3D, Linear Programming, Determinants and Derivatives.

Know the weightage of marks

Understanding which topic carries how much weightage can make it easier in building the preparation strategy. For this, you need to look for the choices given in the internal questions and accordingly decide the topics they wish to study before and after.

Kickstart with difficult topics

While many insist on beginning with the easy topics in the start, which is advantageous too, in the case of Mathematics, starting with the difficult ones is much beneficial. Begin by acquainting oneself well with the tough topics like Integration and Probability which are time-consuming too. These tough chapters cannot be revised in a short span of 5 to 10 days or within the preparatory holiday that you get before the exam. Starting early will assist in going through the topics with ease without adding to the pressure. Thus, students must study all of these topics well before the exam begins and revise them during holidays.

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Do Not Put the Easy Topics in the Backyard

As said, there are certain topics which are very scoring. From an average as well as a topper’s perspective without clearing these topics, it’s quite impossible to score. And hence it’s important to not leave these scoring topics behind. Study and practice these easy topics as much as possible. As they are easier, they are less time consuming and easier to understand.

Be Thorough With Your Textbook

Students must be foremost well acquainted and thorough with their textbook solved and unsolved problems. They must route through your pen before writing them in exams. In daily schedule ensure to devote at least 2 hours for revising and practising maths.

Solve Test Papers

The easiest way to move up the ladder of success is through practice. Mathematics being a tough subject becomes even more necessary to practice and revise thoroughly. There are numerous test series available on the internet as well as the sums mentioned in the books.

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Revise All Formulae

Maths formula is one of the toughest things to remember. And hence, preparing a chart of easy formula and revising them every day will deem beneficial in the longer run. Jot down each formula of algebra and geometry and revise them daily.

Mathematics is not a subject that can be learned by memorizing or mere reading. It requires in-depth practice and revision. As each sum is different from another, memorizing the entire sum will be futile. However, the memorizing part is well-applicable for the maths formula which cannot be understood but has to be only remembered well. This is impossible without practice.

Tip – Revising your formula before going to sleep will aid in retaining them more easily on waking up in the morning.

Refer to Proper Books

Books play an important role in the entire preparation process. And thus it’s essential to choose them wisely. Apart from your college books, refer to other test series as well as notes available in the market. This would aid in solving a myriad of sums, something which is essential in the case of acing this subject.

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Relax and Stay Calm

Most important of all other points, which is meant to be considered in the very first is staying calm. Maths as a subject requires much calmness of mind so as to apply the formula without getting confused. And hence, before starting your prep for HSC exams take some rest and start with Mathematics first. A cooler and calm mind can aid more help than one that is stressed.

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Points to Remember:

  • Start your planning process well in advance. As per experts, beginning your preparation from Std. 11th itself will leave more time at your disposal to get acquainted with the paper.
  • Be well versed with your syllabus. Note the weaker and stronger subjects and plan your study timetable.
  • Prepare a chart for maths formula and revise them daily.
  • Solve previous year papers. This will render you a better idea regarding which topics have more questions repeated and which doesn’t.
  • Allocate at least 2 hours each day for Mathematics preparation.
  • Begin with covering tough questions and revise them at the time of holidays.
  • Revise the easy ones each day as they are scoring.
  • Be well-versed with your Maths HSC books.
  • Take up mock tests and solve test papers. This will aid in time management.
  • Stay calm and indulge in physical exercises as well as meditation.

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