8 Months Study Strategy for Std 12th HSC Maharashtra Board Exam


The HSC Board results were recently out and considering the tough correction this time, students who have gone to Std 12th are sporadically looking for strategies to make it work for them in the coming year. So, considering the examination for HSC ideally conducted in the month of February/ March every year, the HSC students still have a whole 8 months time at their disposal.

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Without exempting students of any stream whether Science, Commerce or Arts, we here are presenting an ideal 8-month study strategy for acing the examination and making the most of the time you have before the exam. Well, our blog on 10 things you must know about 12th HSC Science Board Exams will be useful in gaining an insight into the exam.

How will early preparation benefit students?

Starting your preparation well in advance will benefit you in a million ways. These include:

  • Greater time to indulge in revision.
  • More time to prepare on difficult topics.
  • In the case of science students, a chance to simultaneously prepare for Medical and Engineering entrance examination like NEET UG, MHT CET, etc.
  • The sooner you prepare, the greater is the chances for you to score more percentage in exams.
  • All these points make beginning preparation from start a better choice to crack the exam and qualify with better percentile.

So, moving further, here we are presenting a quick study strategy within the time period of 8 months.

First 4 months

Make a routine

Making a proper timetable and following it in actual can be very helpful to reach the goal. Thus make a routine wherein you can sort your days and time based on topics which you wish to concentrate. Finding difficulty in planning for your exams? Well, no need to look too far. We have a detailed time table plan created which you can use it for cracking your board exams in the year 2020. Look through our blog Self-Study for 12th Standard Science Board Exam 2020 – Planning, Tips, Time-Table, Books.

Create a timetable by specifying which are difficult and easy subjects and accordingly bifurcate your timetable. Ensure to devote equal time to all subjects in a week without leaving any subject. Jumping to one subject at a time will make it extremely boring as well as make you forget you have learned after some time. Hence, devote equal time to each subject.

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Along with we also present individual preparation strategy for Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry for Std. 12th Science Board preparation. Few of the blogs which you can look into include:

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Pick difficult and easy topics

While your mind will run to topics which are difficult, wanting to cover them as soon as possible, it is equally important to devote time in learning easy topics. Your brain needs continuous switching of gears so as to keep it active. Connecting back to the first point, concentrating on just one topic for a longer time, will make it lazy thus throwing away everything that is learned.

Practice Mathematics sums every day

Most important than everything is practicing Mathematics every day. It is one subject which causes nightmares for students every time. Thus, no matter whether you practice and revise other subjects or not, practicing mathematics sums every day or at least 5 days a week is utmost necessary. Additionally, revise the formulae every day as everything in revolves majorly around formulae.

Target Publications’ Std 12th mathematics study material and calculus include comprehensive detailing of each formula and sums solved with impeccable dexterity. You can check out our 12th Mathematics Practice Problems along with other offerings for Std 12th by visiting the official website of Target Publications.

Create a chart for formula

Especially in the case of science students, creating separate charts for Mathematics Formulae, Chemistry Periodic Table and Physics formulae which will be useful to revise every day. This you can go through them each day and revise it whenever possible.

Make Cheat Codes

Creating cheat codes is a lucrative way of remembering what you have studied. Cheat codes are a way of easing the process of learning. This takes away the need of reading every topic once again and thus just getting back to the cheat code and getting a good sneak peek of the subject.

Refer to good books

Good referrals play an important role in preparation. However, choosing proper books is the crux. Instead of opting for too many books, refer to books that offer precise information which is useful for understanding the subject. It should contain exercise problems to practice, compact information and a platform to gain entire information at one place.

Looking for study materials which are crisp and precise to your learning? Visit our website and check out our offerings for Std 12th Boards. Our 12th Science catalog includes:

5th to 6th Month

By October and November will be the time for prelims. Thus, by this time you must be prepared 3/4th with the entire syllabus. As prelims cover a major portion of the exam syllabus and are also a medium for students to access their preparation. Herein, you will understand how much you need to work more.

After Prelims

Now that you have a good idea of what type of questions would appear in the exam, you are in a better position to know how to prepare for the exam.

During this phase, restrain from learning any new concepts and rather solve previous year question papers to gain a better stand of the subject.

Target Publications provisions complete assistance for molding you overall for the crucial examination. Thus, we present Model Question Paper for Std 12th Science and 13 Question Paper Set of PCB from 2013 to 2019 to make your prepare exotic.

What are the other aspects to concentrate on?

Apart from the above-listed points, ensure to take care of other aspects such as:

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  • Eat healthy meal.
  • Indulge in yoga and physical exercise.
  • Read other books apart from study material.
  • Meditate.
  • Relax and think positive.

Make your exam a smooth ride towards success by referring to Std 12th Board exam collection by Target Publications. Std 12th happens to be the route to competitive exams such as NEET, JEE Main, and MHT CET, and thus needs the best material to make it work wonders for you. Check out our exclusive range of Question Papers, Test Series and Study Material in combo for PCM and PCMB and single set for HSC Science to read students for entrance exams as well. So, order your copy now!

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