6 Cheat Hacks you can try out in preparing for Std 12th HSC Maharashtra Board Exam


Studying for an examination is no different from preparing for a battle. Imagine yourself as a soldier of the medieval period in history. Think of your castle as your intelligence that needs to be protected as well as showcased to the entire world. So how does a soldier of the olden days go about protecting their precious castle? They find the proper armor, practice their fighting skills, follow the various strategies and focus on winning the battle with their entire might.

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Now, as an Std. 12th student, you might wonder how the comparison of your HSC boards can even be made with a war. Let us explain, your castle is both your intelligence and the dream college that you want to get into, Your armor is all your Std. 12th books and reference materials that will sharpen your brains and keep them functioning at their optimal level. Finally, your strategies are the ones that you prepare in terms of your syllabus, timetable, your strengths and weakness and last, but not the least your study plans. There, you see, preparing for Std. 12th HSC Boards is no less than a battle or war.

We are here to offer you some insider tips to win this war with these 6 cheat hacks:

  •  Chewing to the rescue

The human brain can be trained to perform in the most exceptional way possible. And, you will be training your Std. 12th brains with the help of chewing gums. Studies show that if you chew you on a particular type of gum while studying and then again right before you appear for your exam, then there are high chances of improving your test performance. It has everything to do with how our brains connect certain memories to a particular type of taste and smell. So for example, if you happen to be chewing a blueberry gum while studying formulae in Science, you will be able to recollect them quite easily if you chew the same gum right before your Std. 12th HSC Boards Science Examination. Wonderful, isn’t it?

  • Breaks, breaks, breaks

This cheat hack for many would not seem like a cheat hack. How would you be able to score better if you take breaks? Well, you would be if you were able to take well-timed breaks. This is an art that you must master especially when appearing for exams such as the Std. 12th HSC Boards. We cannot stress the importance of giving your mind a much-needed breather, enough. When we say breaks, we don’t mean hour-long ones where you forget all about your studies and lose yourself in a video game. We mean breaks that are long enough so you can recharge your brain batteries and power up for another intense study session. You will notice you feel more refreshed and are able to focus better and more easily after a break.

  • Attend to your sleep matters

As a student, your studies are equally important to your health and sleep. If you think burning the night oil or waking up at ungodly hours of night right before your exam is good thinking, then you are in for a surprise. In order to retain everything that you have studied, it is important for you to get at the very least, seven long hours of sleep. If you don’t get that much sleep chances are you will feel tired, sleepy and fatigue will clog your brain cells. The result will be that you won’t be able to remember your subject matter. This can spell major disaster for you if it happens on the day of your HSC Board examination. So the next time you sit down to prepare your time-table, ensure to add in a proper amount of sleep and rest to it.

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  • Find your zone

It is always important to find a place that you can call your own in order to study better. This place most importantly should be a chair and a desk in a secluded area of your house, where chances of you being disturbed are extremely slim. This will allow your brain to go to its comfortable place every single time you are sitting there. It will allow you to thus learn better. Another great advantage of this would be that you will be able to read out loud as you study. Researchers say that reading out loud when studying will definitely help you remember your concepts better too.

  • Videos are helpful for you

Have you noticed that you can remember stories of movies a lot better and with more details that stories in your books? This is mainly because of the fact that we learn better with audio-visuals. So why not take advantage of this fact and begin to watch videos that explain various concepts of your subjects. You can also choose to go on to our YouTube channel and find out videos that are sure to add to your studies.

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed

Learning should not just be kept to yourself. Did you know that you can learn better when you are able to explain it to a classmate or a friend? Teaching is like an oral test where you can realize and understand how much you already know and how much you don’t. Ask your friend if they have understood a concept that you explained and if they haven’t then you still have your work cut out for you. This will help both of your remember concepts better and also become better friends. A win-win situation for everyone!

So, here you go, the best in the class cheat sheet for your Std. 12th HSC boards preparation has been made for you. Now, all you need to do is utilize these hacks every single time you hit your HSC Board books. We, at Target Publications, wish you all the very best for excellent results in your boards!

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