10 Things You Must Know About 12th HSC Science Board Exams


The very mention of boards alarms one to ready themselves for the most important examinations that can set one’s career in pace. HSC just like SSC is not an easy cake walk especially if you are a student of science. However, sailing it off smoothly and coming out in flying colors is not an arduous task too. Inclination towards the subject backed by oodles of perseverance and determination is the very crux mantra of making a mark for oneself.  If you too are an HSC science aspirant who is feeling the butterflies of exam fever scurrying in your stomach our blog will surely help in lighting your tension a bit.

So, if you too are somebody who is prepping up for class 12th science boards, here are few things which can help make your sail an easy one:

1. Know your subjects well

Science is a vast field comprising of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology as the top essential subjects. And hence being abreast with the syllabus is a lot more important both from the HSC as well as entrance examination point of view. This will aid candidates in understanding their strengths and weaknesses along with preparing a proper schedule on how to go about with covering each topic.

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2. Refer proper books

Considering the vast arena of subjects and topics in HSC science, students often get obscured about which HSC books to refer to and which not. Often HSC aspirants refer to a myriad of books from different authors leaving them all confused considering the difference in writing style and the subject approach. Hence, as per experts referring to only those HSC books offering precise and concise information can do wonders in laddering up in the scoreboard.

If you are in the lookout for best HSC books for HSC science subject, then getting a sneak peek of our website will help you a lot. We have a range of top HSC Chemistry, Maths, Biology and Physics Books offering a reliable source of information that can help one make a mark for themselves in HSC board exam.

3. Prepare, prepare and prepare

As the saying goes, practice makes man perfect. And if you wish to perfect your skills, practice, practice, and practice. With the advent of technology, a lot has been simplified. These include taking up Online Test Series as well as Mock Test. Additionally, candidates can also find test series in the back of HSC books which are designed in the same lines as that of board exam pattern.

4. The path to the entrance exam

Passing the HSC Board Exam doesn’t end the study process. The path is still a long way. Hence, forgetting what you have learned can cost you a lot. The scores obtained in HSC Board exam will aid in deeming one’s chances about taking up future entrance examinations like MHT CET, NEET UG and JEE Main. The syllabus for these examinations is in similar lines to that of class 11th and class 12th.

5. Refer to previous year papers

The best thing a HSC science aspirant can do is go along with preparing from top-notch HSC books is solving as many previous papers as possible. Referring to HSC past papers aids in maneuvering one’s way towards success and cracking the HSC board exam with much ease.

6. Time is of the essence

Waiting till the last moment for completing syllabus will only prove arduous. Time is of the essence and scheduling one’s timetable will help ease a lot of stress surrounding it. As per experts, not waiting until the HSC Timetable is out and starting preparation in advance will make it easier managing the stress at the time of the exam. Do perk up now, understand your weak spots as well as strengths thereby scheduling your timetable accordingly.

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7. Take online Mock Tests

As stated technology has streamlined a lot of processes which was once impossible manually. This includes taking up Mock Test online thereby helping candidates get acquainted with the actual style of examination. And these Online Test Series and Mock Test are not just limited to HSC board exam. One can also take up Mock Test for entrance examinations like JEE Main, MHT CET, NEET UG as well.

8. Begin your preparation for entrance examinations simultaneously

Do not wait until the HSC board exam or HSC Exam Result to be out before for starting the preparation for the entrance examination. Start your preparation for JEE Main, NEET UG and MHT CET along with that of HSC board exams. Most of the syllabus for NEET UG, JEE Main and MHT CET are in lines of topics mentioned in HSC books. Thus, waiting till the last will only slow your path to success.

9. One day before the exam – Do not touch your book.

Start with covering topics that are your strengths rather than going with the weaker sections later. Covering and revising the topics you are strong at will take away stress during the exam time. And thus, before starting your actual prep, go through the previous year papers, check the weightage of marks allocated to different sections, prepare and lastly leave the last month before the exam just for revision.

Even more important – Do not touch your book one day before to the exam. Because last minute prep will only leave you drained.

10. On the day of the exam

Be well aware of your HSC Timetable. Keep checking the websites for any notifications related to the exams. And on the day of the exam, ensure to be in time without delay. Relax and sleep well so that you aren’t exhausted during the exam.

Looking for HSC books? Why not visit our profile and get an in-depth idea of all our HSC Books Mock Test, and Online Test Series. So get set with your preparation, because success is waiting to welcome you with flying colors.

All the Best!

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