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HSC 12th examination is one of the turning points in a student’s life. It is from here that a candidate decides on what stream to choose further and how the career thereon will take a turn. Additionally, for science students, it is a never-ending quest as board exams will open up their door to competitive exams for some of the major entrance exams including NEET, JEE Main,  MHT CET, and many other college and engineering entrance exams.

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As per experts, beginning your HSC exam preparation right from Std 11 can make a lot of difference to the marks that are scored. It also includes preparing for your Std 12th boards along with your competitive exam preparation. And hence for all students who are going through the dilemma of how to crack the Std 12th boards this post will surely help you cope with the board exam preparation. Here is what experts have to say about the board exam preparation.

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Access to Std 12th Study Materials

Experts say books play an integral role in offering students a platform for enhancing their knowledge. With lakh of students appearing for the exams, each student is required to present their best to get ahead of others. While a textbook should be your first platform for learning, choosing appropriate reference books can add an exceptional touch to your board exam preparation.

Crisp and summarized notes

Additionally, the books should include a crisp and brief summary of the chapters, sufficient practice questions after every section or chapter to aid you in a medium for assessing one’s learning. Also, whether there are questions from previous year boards included in the study material for students to gain sufficient practice for the exam.

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Know your syllabus

Knowing your syllabus for Std 12 boards is extremely important. Refer to the official website of boards to gain a detailed understanding of the updated syllabus and accordingly build your plan. As you go through the syllabus, you can know about topics that you have already dealt with in the previous standards and thus can offer you a potential stop for you to know which topics need more attention. This will also render you a clearer picture of similar and dissimilar topics.

Refer to Std 12th Textbooks

Most importantly Std 11th syllabus happens to the base for Std 12th Board Exams. And if you have perfected your concepts in the 11th Std itself, then it will be much easy for you to understand what is taught in the 12th. Reading a textbook can clear most of your queries and also strengthen your foundation about the subject. Thus, before you go on to read from any other book ensure you have mastered your understanding of the textbooks well.

Avoid Rote Learning

Std 12 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics comprise of sums that cannot be understood by rote learning. Additionally, when learning theory, merely reading through it and rote learning won’t deem helpful for your board exam preparation. Rather understanding the basic concept behind the topic will deem more helpful when you are answering the questions. Also, when the concepts are cleared you can go on to frame answers which don’t deviate from the actual meaning of the concepts. So, doesn’t that make conceptual learning a better platform in comparison to rote learning?

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Use the resources well

When it comes to Std 12 board exams, there are a lot of tools available in the market that can make learning much easy. However, picking the appropriate tool and using them wisely is where lies the very crux of exam preparation. For Std 12th the basic study tool includes Std 12th textbooks, HSC reference books and Previous year solved papers. After having already covered the first two tools, now we shall talk about HSC previous year question papers that happen to be the very highlight for learning. Solving previous year question papers makes the key aspect of paving ahead towards success. It will render you an idea of how the questions were formatted in board exams along with increasing your speed of solving the paper at the time of exam.

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Tips: Begin with solving the latest Std 12th board question papers and do not jump straight to old papers.

Target Publications offers a comprehensive stop for students without making them wander to places in search of question paper sets. Thus we offer students Std 12th board papers covering questions from 2013 to 2019 as well as Model Question papers which are set in accordance with the pattern of board exams.

Stay updated to the latest changes in the syllabus and pattern

Before you begin with the HSC exam preparation ensure to be updated with the latest changes in the pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, etc. Ensure you do not miss out on the same changes and updates which deems to be an important step in your preparation process.

Practice solving the questions

As much as you practice through writing, it will be easier to complete the paper in time as well as will also aid you in remembering what you have learned. Especially for Std 12 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics solve the problems every day. For Std 12th Biology, ensure to practice the diagrams thoroughly which will make it easy for you to answer the questions in the exams. As we all know writing makes the best practice method that can ease your learning and preparation.

We provide reference study materials for all Standards including:

Our Std 12th books are designed to offer HSC students a comprehensive platform that will not only clear their concepts but also help them solving the paper with more understanding. A must-read for HSC board examinations – Tips and Tricks to crack the exam with ease:

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