5 Things You Must Know About HSC 12th Commerce Board Exams


HSC is one of the milestones in the life of a student which lays the ground for one’s upcoming career. Each stream comes with its set of challenges. In the case of  HSC Commerce, the challenge is the vast syllabi and remembering the various business jargons. Along with the nightmares of Book Keeping and Accountancy (BK), Mathematics and Economics to that of Secretarial Practice and Organisation of Commerce and Management (OC), there is a vast set topic to cover in order to ace the boards.

The mantra of acing the HSC board exams is being persistent and steady throughout the study process. It is essential to follow a systematic procedure and stick to the schedule without letting your mind deviate in any other direction.

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So, herein we thought about bringing to you a few strategies which students can put to use for sailing through the exam smoothly. So, get set yourself with few must-knows about HSC 12th Commerce Board Exams:

1. Strengthen your Accounts

Accountancy is one of the most essential subjects in Commerce. If you can ace this subject you have won half the battle. So start with this primary subject. Go through all the illustrations for proper ratio analysis. Practice this each day in order to get well-acquainted with the topics. Besides referring to usual HSC books, students can also go about referring to other bookkeeping books that offer concise and precise information base.

Few guiding tips:

  • Be well abreast with the merits and demerits part of the theory. This can fetch you good marks during the exam.
  • Bookkeeping as a subject comprises of numerous formulae and from the aspect of a student, it is not only necessary to keep a tab of every formula but also know how they are derived. Thus, practice is the ultimate way out.
  • Make a cheat sheet for each chapter. It is a useful tool for going through important points time and again.
  • Keep a calm mind when carrying out calculations. A single mistake can turn the entire accounts topsy turvy. Thus, carry on the calculations with a steady and alert mind. If necessary do recheck twice after every calculation to ensure you have not missed on any crucial point.
  • Formatting the ledger accounts, Journals, and the balance sheet is very necessary. It must be neat and precise. Practicing the drawing formats will make all your diagrams and calculations backed by proper narrations look neat and nice.
  • Apart from coaching classes, indulge in self-study. Take up online tests and solve previous year question papers.

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2. Business Studies

Amongst all the subjects, business studies are the easiest one which can be cracked with ease if focus and good presence of mind are your strengths. More importantly, the presentation is even more necessary. All you need to do is write the answers to the point without elaborating too much or running around the bush.

Few guiding tips:

  • Study as per the syllabus prescribed in the SYJC Commerce books for Business Studies. Read them well. Try to avoid mugging up instead, understanding the points will aid a better way out.
  • Students can look up to reference books that offer basic explanations for easy understanding. Try to understand the reason and logic behind the question which will offer a proper base for instead of just memorizing.
  • Create notes in own language. Highlight important paragraphs, create charts and PRACTICE!

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3. Economics

Economics happens to be one of the essential topics for HSC Board exam. Begin with reading through the information rendered in the HSC books for economics. Being a vast subject it may take 2-3 reads for you to properly understand the topic. Brush up your logical and analytical reasoning skills thoroughly.

Few guiding tips:

  • Make a flow chart for each chapter. Ensure to jot down notes after the completion of every single topic.
  • Including diagrams in your questions carry more weight. So, practice diagrams, graphs, curves, and figures.
  • Go through past year papers so as to gain a good understanding of the kind of questions asked.

4. Secretarial Practice and OC

Secretarial Practice better known as SP acquaints students with the knowledge, procedures, skills, and methods to be performed by a Private Secretary. On the other hand, OC also referred to as the Organization of Commerce. Both of these are vast subjects and requires enough time to comprehend every term and understand them in depth.

5. Mathematics

Mathematics is one nightmare for every student. However, in the case of commerce students, it can be taken as an optional subject (if your college provisions it). Mathematics for HSC Commerce is comparatively less tough than the Mathematics for HSC Science. However, maths being maths still is found to be one of the difficult subjects to crack. The only way here to ace it is continuous practice and revision.

Few guiding tips:

  • Give a thorough read of each topic in OC and SP. Make notes, and check through previous year question papers.
  • Students can also take the assistance of online videos available on the internet. There is a wide range of videos uploaded on YouTube as well as on mobile applications.
  • Last but not the least, while considering all the above points and working on it for coming out in flying colors in Std. 12th, do not forget to pay heed to your health as well. Students need more sleep (at least 8 hours), must follow a proper diet in order to retain what they have studied.
  • So, study to understand not to memorize
  • Make notes and revise every day
  • Stay calm and composed. Indulge in some exercise as it is directly linked to the increased concentration of the student. You can also practice Yoga or any sport that aids rejuvenate your energy.
  • Avoid eating junk food. It makes one lazy and leads to lethargy.
  • Follow a healthy diet. Sleep in time. Better to say bye to your virtual friends for a while and surprise them with your score later!
  • Lastly PRACTICE – because this is the only stairway to success.

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