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Kay Khau Kiti Khau (Marathi Book on Healthy Diet and Weight Loss)

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Sanganak Yugatil Arogya (Health Tips for the Digital Age in Marathi)

Aushadhi Vishwakosh (Natural Medicine Encyclopedia in Marathi)

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Aushadi Vishwakosh (Natural Medicine Encyclopedia in Marathi)

Aushadi Vishwakosh is a repository of all natural remedies that are readily available in our surrounding. Dr Mandar Joshi the author of this book has been a Homoeopathic practitioner since the past 22 years.

He has also written numerous articles for newspapers such as 'Loksatta', 'Maharashtra Times' and 'Sakal' under the ‘Social’ and ‘Medicinal’ sections. He compiled this medicinal encyclopedia titled ‘Aushadi Vishwakosh’ in the year 2014. It comprises of valuable information about more than 150 medicinal plants as well as herbs and their uses.

Many instances in the book talk about a practice in medieval Europe wherein tablets or capsules had a gold coating, as the gold metal is known to have many anti-bacterial properties. Unani medical science propounded the belief that drinking water with gold coins boiled in it improved immunity. Chinese medicine made use of gold to develop mental health and to add more years to a person’s life. In Ayurveda, gold was used to treat acid reflux, common cold and cough. According to Homoeopathy, gold helped in the treatment of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. In studies related to Allopathy, the nanoparticles of the gold metal are used to treat cancerous cells in the body.

Some examples of natural remedies prescribed in this book are as follows:

1. Garlic - Treats mouth ulcers effectively

2. Peepal tree's bark, as well as dry and fresh leaves - Play an instrumental role in regulating and controlling excessive blood flow.

3. Cotton flowers- Effective in the treatment of depression.

4. Adulsa - Usually given to treat common cold and cough.

This encyclopedia would be a great read for students from various branches of medical science and nature lovers alike. It would act as a great catalyst to expand the knowledge base of anyone who wishes to know more about living life the natural way.

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