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Sanganak Yugatil Arogya (Health Tips for the Digital Age in Marathi)

Sanganak Yugatil Arogya (Health Tips for the Digital Age in Marathi)

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Anubandh (Marathi Book about Cancer Awareness and its Prevention)

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Anubandh (Marathi Book about Cancer Awareness and its Prevention)

Breast Cancer happens to be a prominent cause of death among women across the globe. Every year numerous women are clutched by this illness, amongst which 72% already carry a mutation gene called BRCA1 or BRCA2 in them. Mastectomy is considered to be one of the most sought measures to prevent the development of breast cancer in the longer run. ‘Anubandh’ is an informative narration written by the famous author Nandkishore Bhole who aims to educate women regarding breast cancer which can be prevented through mastectomy through the story of Noyola.

Studies state over 12% of women across the world develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Additionally, the recent studies have thrown light on the fact that about 72% of women who carry the BRCA1 and 69% who inherit the BRCA2 mutation gene are susceptible to breast cancer by the age of 80. This book lays light on how timely diagnosis can thereby help women from falling prey to the disease.

The story surrounds the life of Noyola, who is the protagonist of the book. Her life shatters as she loses her mother to breast cancer who doesn’t agree to get Mastectomy done. Later, on diagnosis, Noyola herself is found to carry the BRCA1 mutation gene which she has inherited from her mother. With this, the chances of Noyola developing breast cancer in the long run also increases for which she is advised to go for Mastectomy. What will be the decision of Noyola? Whether she will follow her instincts or will decide otherwise is something to look out for.

All-in-all this book can certainly be called an exceptional fiction that splendidly puts across his message to the audience so as to make women aware of breast cancer, the mutation gene and the possible prevention through Mastectomy.


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