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Aala Manat Shravan (Collection of Selected Poems by Madhuri Shekhar)

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This book is available in paperback print format only. Download the sample content for reference of the structure and subject matter in the book.


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Aala Manat Shravan (Collection of Selected Poems by Madhuri Shekhar)

Monsoon is one of the most cherished seasons which people wait for throughout. It frees the world of the bondage of heat, calming the earth and filling the world in clandestine beauty. ‘Aala Manaat Shravan’ is a beautiful rendition by Madhuri Shekhar who shares with the readers her love for monsoon. In the book, the author links Nature and Mind with one another. She states how nature turns beatific and can have a calming effect on our mind.

Nature and mind go hand in hand. Like the rain pours down when the sky gets covered with grey clouds, words start to pour when the mind gets filled with happiness. It awakens in the mind the poet and as poetic the surrounding looks during monsoon, it goes on to add to the colors of words in blank papers. The author shares with the readers how much she likes to write poems and links it with rains which cover the environment with greens of words. The author in this book has penned over 50 poems touching different aspects monsoon and things related to the rainy season blending them in color of words beatifically thereby striking the cords of heart.

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