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Std. XII Science: Biology Paper - II

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Download the Sample copy containing the first lesson of this book. Std. XII Science: Biology Paper - II



Std. 12 Biology (Zoology): Perfect Biology - II

Std. 12 Biology Book (Notes) - The 'Perfect Series' for Std. XII Science, Maharashtra State Board (HSC) Aspirants from Target Publications

(Written according to the New Text book (2012-2013) published by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune.)

Topics Covered:

Origin and Evolution of Life, Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance, Genetic engineering and Genomics, Human health and Diseases, Animal Husbandry, Circulation, Excretion and Osmoregulation, Control and Co-ordination, Human Reproduction, Organisms and Environment


  • Prof. Mamta R. Solanki, (M.Sc., B.Ed.), R. Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar
  • Prof. Lalita Ghotikar, (M. Sc. M.Ed.), R. Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar
  • Dr. M. D. Gangakhedkar, (M.Sc., PhD., D.H.E.), Vivekanand College, Aurangabad

Salient Features:

  • Exhaustive coverage of syllabus in Question Answer Format.
  • Covers answers to all Textual Questions.
  • Textual Questions are represented by * mark.
  • Covers relevant NCERT Questions represented by # mark.
  • Simple and Lucid language.
  • Neat, Labelled and authentic diagrams.
  • Self Evaluative in nature.


In the case of good books, the point is not how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.

Biology is the natural science that is concerned with the study of living organisms and their vital processes. It encapsulates the magic in the wonderful existence of nature. Botany (study of plants) is an important field of Biology. It deals with Genetics, Taxonomy, Pharmacognosy, Physiology, Ecology etc. In order to study such a vast science and to master it, one needs to understand and grasp each and every concept thoroughly. For this we bring to you “Std XII Sci. PERFECT BIOLOGY - I” a complete and thorough book which analyses and extensively boost confidence of the student.

Topic wise classified “question and answer” format of this book helps the student to understand each and every concept thoroughly. The book has been written according to the new textbook prescribed by the board and covers answers to textual as well as board questions. Marking has been given to each questions as per board format, Botanical names are given in italic representation, Neat and labelled diagrams are provided wherever necessary, Multiple choice question are given for further reference.

And lastly, we would like to thank our publishers for helping us take this exclusive guide to all students. There is always room for improvement and hence we welcome all suggestions and regret any errors that may have occurred in the making of this book.

A book affects eternity; one can never tell where its influence stops.

Best of luck to all the aspirants!
Yours faithfully

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