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Number Book - B (1 - 20)

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Pre-primary: Number Book - B (1 - 20)

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₹ 60.00
₹ 60.00

Product Description


Pre-primary: Number Book - B (1 - 20)


Illustrations: Soumya Tiwari
Editor: Tushar Chaudhari
Printed: Repro India Pvt, Mumbai - 400 013
Fourth Edition: January 2016

Salient Features

• Number Practice 1-20
• 53 practice boxes for each number
• Eye appeasing layout with vivid Illustrations
• Creative Activities on every Practice Page


This book screams: Numbers are Fun!

Our efforts have made sure that the book stays true to above adage.

The very purpose of creating this book was to make Number practicing an interesting activity. We didn’t want to mar kids with monotonous practice blocks and scary looking counting activities. We wanted to do something out of the box. And out of the box we did, by designing an extremely user centric book on Numbers encompassing digits 1 to 20.

Before embarking on our journey to begin this book we were thorough with our Homework. After numerous assignments with various 3-5 year olds we started understanding the finer nuances of kids writing. Our tests and interactions within this age-group revealed some bright facts upon the way kids perceive numbers, the way they write and the things they dread about them. This new found knowledge greatly aided us in designing this book.

We’ve included creative activities on every practice page that act as a breath of fresh air within the drudgery of number practicing. We’ve deliberately infused every page with vivid colours keeping with the taste of these young minds.

We sincerely believe this book would not just help kids practice Numbers but give them a holistic understanding of them and the part they play in our daily life!



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